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We are a leading luxury laminate supplier in the Indian Market which was founded with the idea to provide architects, interior designers and home makers a product which would bring vision to all their ideas.


We specialise in luxury laminates at less thicknesses and superior quality that are bendable and provide edgelessness with easy to use new age technology that does not need much hassle or technical knowledge, thus introducing a whole new face of laminates in India.


Our laminates have adorned multiple spaces and allowed thousands of architectural and interior visions to come to life.


Our laminates are created with perfection with three goals in mind:


1. To bring high end luxury laminates in less thickness while keeping intact the same luxurious quality, look and feel.


2. To provide laminates that are more flexible than other laminates, easy to bend and create edgeless finishes with no black edges.


3. To make sure our laminates withstand the changing weathers and emerge crack free with a 10 year warranty.


Berga Laminati combines sustainability and durability in every detail. We take pride in crafting high-quality laminates that enhance your spaces' appeal and support a sustainable future with out 10 year warranty against cracks. Our laminates are engineered to last, unlike traditional ones that crack under changing weather circumstances, ensuring lasting elegance. We offer eco-friendly options too, reducing our environmental impact. Choosing Berga Laminate means choosing superior quality and a step towards a more sustainable future.



Our company prides itself on fostering trust through transparent business practices and consistently delivering high-quality laminates that exceed customer expectations.


Collaboration is at the heart of our success, as our dedicated teams work closely to innovate and produce laminates that stand out in the market.


We encourage and embrace creativity in our design and production processes, constantly pushing the boundaries to offer unique, innovative laminates.


We prioritize efficiency, ensuring that our customers receive their laminates promptly, without compromising on quality, to meet their project timelines.

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